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Foster care children are represented by their own attorneys in Arkansas.

Arkansas Code Annotated Section 9-27-316(f)(1) and Supreme Court Administrative Order #15 states that children in foster care will be provided with legal representation and that their attorney ad litem will represent their best interests in court.

Even if the child and their attorney do not agree, the child's wishes must be presented to the court by their attorney ad litem. In this way, children are empowered at a time in their lives when it seems like they have no power at all to decide or influence what happens to them.

Attorneys Ad Litem are entitled to:

  • All relevant records regarding the juvenile and their family
  • School and medical records are relevant records
  • Court records are relevant records
  • DHS records are relevant records
  • Only federal law can limit what records are available to your AAL

You can call your attorney any time.

Children in foster care deserve to know!

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